Body Scanner

Hardware Alternative

 bodQR cloud software goes beyond body analysis.

Fully analyze the needs of prospects & members to grow your sales. 


Body Scanner

Hardware Alternative

 bodQR software goes beyond body analysis.

Fully analyze the needs of prospects & members to grow your sales. 


Comprehensive Body & Needs Analysis.

Lower Cost. Higher Revenue.

Body analysis is a great way to engage prospects & members -- but turning that engagement into revenue requires evaluation technology that goes deeper and integrates with your sales consultation, onboarding and renewal processes.

bodQR provides the highest ROI of any body analysis technology.

6 Reasons Why bodQR Cloud Software Beats Body Scanner Hardware

Body metrics are a great start.

But they're not enough.

In addition to providing a comprehensive body analysis, bodQR software evaluates needs, goals, habits, fitness & weight history, interests and much more -- delivering a holistic, actionable result.

bodQR provides unprecedented visibility into prospect & client needs.

No special clothing to wear.

No special training to administer.

bodQR is can be administered without supervision in as little as 1 minute on any web-enabled device, including a smartphone or tablet (no app download required) -- so it fits seamlessly into membership, fitness & nutrition consultations without any awkwardness or technical issues.

bodQR can be used immediately by any staff member, prospect or client.

No need to waste precious space.

Nothing to maintain, sanitize or replace.

In addition to avoiding large upfront hardware costs, bodQR frees you from hardware obsolescence and capacity limitations so that any number of prospects & members can be evaluated at the same time, and they can do so anywhere -- whether that is in any part of your facility, at home or while browsing your website from any location. 

bodQR gives you the flexibility to conduct needs analysis anytime, anywhere, instantly.

Share results with built-in scripting that drives demand.

 Present your brand & services as the ideal solution.

Dashboards and reports are automatically generated in presentation form so that you can walk prospects & clients through their results -- or they can review on their own. Plus your brand, location, team, success stories and services can all be showcased to demonstrate how you can help. 

bodQR positions you and your team as unrivaled experts.

All of your staff.

All of your locations.

A single bodQR account can accommodate any number of staff and any number of locations  -- with all activity consolidated for ease of reporting and management.

bodQR is the most scalable body & needs analysis platform available.

Deliver insights that drive purchases.

Make recommendations that are profitable.

bodQR enables you to configure automated offers and recommendations that are triggered based on body & needs analysis results, so you can be sure that your team is always making the best recommendations for your members and your business. 

bodQR can double your consultation performance.

The Experience

Prospects & members simply scan a QR code to access your custom-branded, mobile-friendly web app, spend 1-2 minutes providing information, then get a walk-thru of their results -- with explanations and context-setting graphics. bodQR uses research-validated formulas to generate a complete body analysis.

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