Engage Prospects & Members

Share access to your branded cloud Body Analysis. 

Increase lead flow, book consultations and generate trials.



On-Premises & Website Prospecting

Share access to your branded online Body Analysis. 

Increase lead flow, book consultations and generate trials.

Help prospects & members to understand their own needs.

Turn their engagement into opportunity.

Whether experienced or new to fitness, your prospects & members are always interested in learning about themselves. Use this curiosity to increase sales opportunity by adding Body Analysis to your internal & external marketing.

Increase new leads as well as member up-sell & cross-sell opportunities.


Use the QR code, link or customizable web button & banner for your branded Body Analysis as a call-to-action:

  • on displays in your facility
  • on your website
  • in online advertising
  • in social media
  • in email campaigns

Prospects and members who register can be directed to a next step that you determine -- whether that is an appointment, call or introductory offer.


Key Capabilities

Fill your sales pipeline.

Body Analysis Scan

The Body Analysis Scan can be used on its own or as the first step in a four-stage progression of digital needs analyses of increasing depth. Takes just one minute to complete and calculate results using research-validated formulas, making it a perfect magnet for low-friction lead generation.

Be alerted immediately upon completion by prospects and members.


Body Analysis NeedsCoach

The Body Analysis NeedsCoach is a custom-branded interactive presentation that sequentially reviews Body Analysis results -- educating your prospects and members while reinforcing your expert positioning. 

Present contextualized scores with brief descriptions, detailed visualizations and informative dashboards.

Use Arrows to Advance



Prospect more effectively.






Generate Leads

Body Analysis Scan

Body Analysis NeedsCoach (Results View)

Register and Invite Contacts

Complete on Club or Personal Devices

Custom Links & QR Codes

Body Analysis Narrative (Detailed Reports)

Email and Phone Redirect

Appointment Calendar Redirect

Prospect Landing Page Video

Prospect Offer Redirect

Member Landing Page Video

Member Offer Redirect

Body Analysis History - Contact View

Nutrition Recommendation Tool

Progress Photo Capture Tool & Gallery

Invite a Friend Lead Generation

QuestionBuild Custom Questions

Website Button (Pop-Up Body Analysis)

Website Banner (Pop-Up Body Analysis)


Contact Access  Only






Location Set-Up

User Set-Up 

User-Level Permissions

Contact Assignment to Location & User

Comprehensive User FAQ Library

Scan Completion Status Reporting

Activity Summary Emails

Usage Reporting

In-App Alert Center

Scan Dashboard

Results Printing for Contacts & Users

Unassigned Contact Completion Email Alerts

User-Assigned Contact Completion Email Alerts

Contact Response Detail

Contact Scan History - User View

Contact Access Controls

Contact Notes

Contact Tagging

Data Export

Customizable Color Themes

Customizable Scan Invitation Email Template

Scan Frequency Limits

Purchase Dashboard

Opportunity Dashboard

Consultation Dashboard

User & Location Leaderboards





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