Webinar: Selling Fitness in 2021

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Selling fitness in 2021 involves new and significant challenges in converting prospects to members, as well as new and urgent imperatives for modernizing sales consultations – driving the need for gyms and studios to make improvements to both consultation process and consultation technology.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
– The external forces that are impeding your sales efforts and how to counter them
– The drivers of the highest performing sales consultations
– The 3-stage, best practice-based model consultation structure
– The digital infrastructure required for successful consultations in 2021 and beyond
– The path to achieving strategic advantage through your sales consultation approach

Join Paul Amoruso, Founder of Inciteful, for this educational session and take away a roadmap for selling your fitness and nutrition programs in 2021.

Click below to access this 40-minute information-filled session.

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