Body Analysis Quiz

for Fitness & Nutrition Websites


Body Analysis Quiz

for Fitness & Nutrition Websites


The Problem

Low Website Traffic Conversion

Prospects are overwhelmed by their fitness & nutrition options and too intimidated to contact you or join online without knowing if your offerings are right for them.

The Solution

A Quiz-Style Needs Analysis on Your Website 

Visitors are intrigued by the opportunity to learn about themselves and more responsive to personalized education & offers based on their own needs.

The Primary Lead Generation Method of Global Fitness & Nutrition Websites

Companies like Beachbody, WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and Noom all know that prospects expect to be PERSONALLY UNDERSTOOD before considering membership -- and feature quiz-style needs analysis to scale website conversion.



A Turnkey Lead Generation Tool

bodQR gives you the quiz-style needs analysis tool of a billion dollar brand at a fraction of the cost -- from $149/month.

bodQR lets you --

  • Instantly offer a cloud body analysis quiz to your website visitors

  • Automatically deliver personalized education that highlights your expertise

  • Make targeted offers that drive consultations, visits, trials and memberships

  • Give staff insight into website visitor needs

  • Establish the basis for follow-up in your lead nurturing and sales process

The Experience

Website visitors simply click on a button or banner to instantly access your custom-branded, mobile-friendly quiz, spend 1-2 minutes providing information, then get a walk-thru of their results -- as well as targeted invitations or offers. bodQR uses research-validated formulas to generate a complete body analysis.

Cloud Body Analysis Quiz Process

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